Hotel 1898 on Las Ramblas

Discover a true treasure. Located in the heart of Barcelona.

Hotel 1898 on Las Ramblas

The structure was built in 1891 by Architect Josep Oriol Mestres. 125 years later, Núñez i Navarro restored the building, preserving its historical splendor and transforming it into the modern-day Hotel 1898. This unique colonial-style structure features exclusive 19th century architectural elements and exudes a special personality that brings the best of Barcelona to each and every one of its guests.

The Núñez i Navarro Group acquired the building in 1998 and converted the building for hotel use. In a nod to the building’s history and heritage, the Group named the new hotel after the date of the end of Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines: the year 1898. Hotel 1898 opened its doors in 2005, after a comprehensive restoration process committed to preserving its façade and unique architectural features.

Staying at Hotel 1898 gives you the opportunity to relax and engage in leisure activities right in the city center. Making the most of the unique architecture of a historical building, H1898 grants guests access to a covered, heated pool, spectacular panoramic views of the city, and the best of classic cinema, all within an atmosphere of total luxury.

Hotel 1898 is the only colonial-style hotel in all of Barcelona. Staying in its rooms or enjoying its spaces is a completely unique and unparalleled experience. "There are lots of things that make us stand out from other hotels, but there’s only one way to experience them: visiting H1898 itself – a hotel that takes you on a trip through time."

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