Matto Shanghai

The best pizza in Shanghai.

Matto Shanghai

MATTO is a new generation restaurant offering Italian cuisine - specializing in quality Pasta, Pizza & Grill items in an environment which is casual yet tasteful, creative, dynamic, fun, vibrant and injected from a casual venue. A place where people come not just to eat but to hang out at the buzzy Bar which offers a great selection of drinks, or to relax at the outdoor terraces after a day of work or shopping.

Just 3 months after its opening Matto was voted "Shanghai's Best Pizza" in the That's Shanghai Food & Drink Awards 2012.

Matto takes its name from the Italian word which means 'crazy' or 'mad' or 'wild' but applied in playful and positive way (We 're matto about Italian food; I go matto if I feel jungry).

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By Carmona
2012-09-04 09:00:29

Amazing work!

By John
2012-09-04 08:56:31

This is cool!

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