J.K. Capri Hotel

The Hotel revives the island's myth with an imaginative spirit of lands beyond the ocean.

J.K. Capri Hotel

Hotel Continental, Hotel Métropole, Hotel Palatium, now JK Capri... Almost opposite the former Hotel Grotte Bleue, is located the JK Capri, once called Hotel Continental, managed by Giuseppe Maldacena 13th, who had established a company with the brother-in-law Antonio Cimino, seaman married with Maria Maldacena. The first plant of the Hotel Continental was a private house named Villa Bovaro, which was built before 1878 and turned into a hotel before 1885, as also witnessed by a C.W. Allers’s picture dated 1891, where the only legible word on the front of the building is «Hotel …»; at that time it belonged to Mario Canale, owner of several real estates all over the island.

Capri is simply mythical. Not even overexposure by the media, the assault of mass tourism, or globalisation can touch its mystery, the significance of a legend unstained for more than two thousand years, since the Roman Emperor Tiberius chose the pale rocks of Capri as his principal residence and made it the centre of the world. A myth, as we said, nurtured by centuries of imagination, be the imperial idleness in Tiberius Apragopolis as well as by the memories of Axel Munthe and a constellation of Russian political refugees and eccentric Brits and Scandinavians, from the golden age of the '20s of the Futurists and the divine Marchioness Casati to the star system of "Hollywood on the Tiber" and the contribution of 20th century icons the likes of Mona Bismarck, Jackie O. and Curzio Malaparte. "Capri and no longer Capri," explained Raffaele la Capria in one of her celebrated books.

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