La Forma Saporita

A Bachelor Thesis for an Italian pasta brand from student Yanko Djarov.

La Forma Saporita

La Forma Saporita is supposed to be an Italian brand that manufactures pasta goods (e.g. spaghetti, taglliateli, rigatoni, etc.). The brand name means "the tasty shape" because the pasta comes in various shapes and it is always delicious.

The logo - positive and negative. A short variation is also available in some applications.

The wonderful font I've used as a main one in this project is called Corki. It is designed by the creative guys from Type Depot and is absolutely free! Thanks a million.

A business card containing contact details of a particular employee - only for corporate clients and partners.

This one contains only the information needed for the regular client. It is definitely for promotional purposes.

Spaghetti measurer app - welcome screen, measurer, gallery.

How it works!

Designed by Yanko Djarov.

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By mark
2012-08-01 18:25:15

nice job man!

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