Are you Hungry?

Let's make some lamb beef mint burger. Enjoy cooking it yourself step-by-step!

Are you Hungry?

Ingredients: 125g lamb, 125g minced beef, 1 carrot, 2 eggs, 2-3 mini pitas, 1 pear, 1 lemon, 5 strawberries, 3-4 branches mint, strawberry mustard, 2 pickled cucumbers, Meze grilled garlic with dry tomatos, olive oil with orange, 3 mozarella slices, 3 lettuce leafs, Tasmanien pepper, paprika pulver, salt.

Preparation: First mince the lamb with the mint. Cut a little piece from one pita and pick into little pieces. Mix and mince together with carrot and 2 eggs. Grind the pepper and mix it with lamb, beef, carrot egg bread mix, a little salt and the juice of half a lemon. Form into 3 similar sized burgers. Mince a tea spoon of the grilled garlic and spread on top of each burger. Cut the pitas into round buns as big as the burger. Puree strawberries with the 2 tea spoons mustard and 2 tea spoons mayonaise and spread on the bun halfs. Now grill the burgers 5-10 min from both sides until they don’t set much when you push them. Cut pear into 3 slices and put the mozarella on top. Heat in a pan for about 5-10 min until the cheese melts. Cut the pickled cucumber into slices and put them on the lower half of the buns. Then continue with salad, burger, mozarella pear slices, a few mint leafs and a little paprika pulver. Finish with the top bun half and enjoy!

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By stef
2012-07-25 15:15:26

mmm delicious!!

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