Animals Through the Lens

Cano's commitment to the planet and passion for animals shines strong in these photos.

Animals Through the Lens

One look through Marina Cano‘s exquisite portfolio, and the viewer is convinced that the bounds of love are not bounds at all but rather a shared experience among beasts of all shapes and sizes, extending from the photographer herself to the very creatures who images she captures so beautifully. From the delicate portrait of a mountain gorilla gazing at her newborn infant to the intimate trunk nuzzling of African elephants, Cano’s animal photography elicits from its audience a sense that, in nature, love is the very core of existence. Cano, based in Cantabria, Spain, is an award-winning photographer whose work, published worldwide, includes landscapes and a striking collection of wildlife in a variety of environments. Inspired to pick up a camera by her photography-loving father, Cano started her wildlife series not in the dry expanse of Africa but much closer to home: at the Cabárceno Wildlife Park just twenty minutes from her home. Recently, Cano embarked upon a joint collaboration in Sevilla, Spain, alongside world-renowned conservationist and animal protectionist Jane Goodall in an exhibition that called attention to “wildlife and biodiversity.”

"I have a special commitment with the planet and their threatened wildlife and hope my work can touch people’s hearts. Photographers usually say that they ‘capture’ images, but for me the opposite is true. Animals have captured me.”

photo© Marina Cano

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