The Dieline Awards 2012

The Dieline presents the winners of The Dieline Package Design Awards for 2012.

The Dieline Awards 2012

This worldwide competition devoted exclusively to the art of brand packaging awarded 38 winners across 12 different categories including Best of Show and Editor's Choice titles. The Editor's Choice was handpicked by Andrew Gibbs, founder of The Dieline. The Dieline Package Design Awards entrants were judged by a highly esteemed panel of 10 industry experts, based on quality of Creativity, Marketability, and Innovation. Debbie Millman, President Emeritus of AIGA and President of Design at Sterling Brands, served as the chairman of the judges. See all winners below!

Best In Show: Alternative Organic Wine.

Editor's Choice: Spirit No. 13.

Food A - First Place Winner: Plum Organics - Just Fruits.

Second Place Winner: The Food Doctor.

Third Place Winner: Eco & Sustainable Thai Pomelo Package.

Food B - First Place Winner: Five Olive Oil.

Second Place Winner: Hortus Honey.

Third Place Winner: Pfeffersack & Soehne.

Food C - First Place Winner: Hatziyannakis Dragees.

Second Place Winner: Bardot.

Third Place Winner: “löffle mich!” Cakes in Jars.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage - First Place Winner: Tea Bar Packaging.

Second Place Winner: Taiwan Centennial Blessing Tea Gift set.

Third Place Winner: 82Go.

Bath, Beauty & Health - First Place Winner: GLO Brilliant Packaging.

Second Place Winner: bébé de forêt.

Third Place Winner: Help Remedies Redesign.

Home, Garden & Pets - First Place Winner: NuBone.

Second Place Winner: Go! Pet Food Packaging System.

Third Place Winner: European Wax and Scent.

Books, Office & Art - First Place Winner: Origami Paper Pack.

Second Place Winner: The Fox With The Golden Fur.

Third Place Winner: Rolling Words.

Electronics, Technology, Movies, CDs - First Place Winner: Watch the Throne: Jay Z / Kanye West.

Second Place Winner: Lou Reed and Metallica / Lulu.

Third Place Winner: DrNo.

Spirits - First Place Winner: Smirnoff Caipiroska.

Second Place Winner: B Honey Cachaça.

Third Place Winner: Bacardi 150 Anniversary Celebration Decanter.

Beer - First Place Winner: Miller Boombox.

Second Place Winner: Austin Eastciders.

Third Place Winner: Einstök.

Wine & Champagne - First Place Winner: Bold & Brave Port.

Second Place Winner: Dearly Beloved.

Third Place Winner: Finca de la Rica.

Student - First Place Winner: Re-Envisioning Auto Zone.

Second Place Winner: Mighty Nuts.

Third Place Winner: S'Monsters Packaging.

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