San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos

A blend of rustic and modern Mediterranean flavors.

San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos

Set against the dramatic coastline of Mykonos, Greece, the San Giorgio Hotel by Design Hotels is a blend of rustic and modern Mediterranean flavors. The hotel interior was designed by Berlin-based team, Lambs&Lions, and completed in 2012.

“True – Authentic – Simple – Today’s travellers expect more than just the standardised comfort and convenience, they are looking for a true and authentic experience. People are not seeking luxury in a traditional definition any more. The word luxury is overused and irrelevant since talk of luxury has become cheap. People have had enough of pretension unreasonable demands. Today sophisticated travellers are looking for the truth of their individual needs, which is relaxing from their daily life and just being themselves. The idea of San Giorgio Mykonos is to bring like-¬minded people together in a laid¬back atmosphere. The hotel is designed to encourage interaction and yet giving those who looking for a more private atmosphere the refuge to relax and recreate. Melding the carefree finesse of the ’60s bohemian life with a down- to-earth “gypset” approach, at San Giorgio Mykonos, everything is about ease and enjoyment. Leisure is writ large and guests are encouraged to store or spend energy as they please. At San Giorgio Mykonos, it’s like visiting the summer home of your coolest friend, who whips together a feast for the eyes and palate with as much ease and grace as he throws the island’s most talked-about fête. And you’re along for the ride.”

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By chris
2012-10-11 10:43:40

that's great!

By sue
2012-07-09 19:53:56

oooww i want to go there!!

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