Regenerating Bikes of the Past

Bikes with a history by Moosach.

Regenerating Bikes of the Past

State-of-the-art in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Designed to last. Taking hills, mountain passes and cobblestones in their stride. They have covered more miles than you dare imagine. Forgotten, they gather dust in sheds, attics and alleyways. Too Spartan to ride. Too good to throw away. All they need is fixing, decided the makers at Moosach. So they strip down those old racing frames. You remember, those seductive slender aluminium and steel urban beasts. They strip off the moving parts. Strip them down to the bone. The frame and fork then get an invigorating chemical scrub. Dried and under a fresh new paint job, the base has been laid for a real Moosach. And that's when the real fun starts. Rebuilding. Trendy new stuff. No nonsense with 27 gears, instead exclusive top-quality parts. So what do you get? A bicycle with a story to tell. A perfect and healthy means of transportation to take you from A to B. Stylishly.

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Boligán - A Versatile Cartoonist Hyperreal by Mike Dargas
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