The Last Laugh

A new model by 'Mr Jones Watches' designed with comedian William Andrew.

The Last Laugh

"Central to the way the design progressed was developing the theme of the on stage ‘death’ and the drive of performers to go to ever greater lengths to elicit laughs from a crowd. The skull references the ‘tears of a clown’ concept, the widely held belief that comedians are essentially quite sad in nature and the rather pointless desire that many stand-ups have to have last laugh.”

Designed with comedian William Andrews, this watch forgoes the customary hour and minute hands, instead the time is displayed on a skull’s teeth. The eyes and the nose are mirrored and the overall impression is of a gleefully absurd memento mori - an object intended to remind us that life is brief.

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Smith & Mills in Tribeca Art and Craft
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By helen
2012-05-30 11:43:49

lol super!!

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