Pin Art by Philip Karlberg

Pencils, pegboards, pins, pixels.

Pin Art by Philip Karlberg

Philip says "A couple of months ago I came up with an idea I have had in mind for years. I just did not know what I could use it for. But then I did a test with sunglasses, and it really turned out great. So I sent an image with the test to Plaza Magazine, and a week later I started shooting. It was a real challenge to ”sculpture” the faces of some classic wearers of sunglasses. It took me 6 days to shoot the 6 faces, and around 1200 sticks was used."

From top: Karl Lagerfeld - Jackie O - Lady Gaga - Johnny Depp - John Belushi

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Isolated Building Facades The Mill
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By Kyle
2012-06-14 01:34:06

This is really cool.

By cecilia
2012-05-23 10:06:59

very nice project and idea!

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