Wythe Hotel

Wythe Hotel started with the discovery of an old factory on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Wythe Hotel

"Built in 1901 as a cooperage, we have preserved, renovated, and turned our historically industrial building into a place where people feel welcome."

The 100-year-old building represents what's left of an old cooperage that was renovated to suit the wants and needs of hotel guests. "We fell in love with the building on day one and just wanted to show it off as much as possible," explains Peter Lawrence, who along with Tarlow and Jed Walentas make up the trio of partners behind the Wythe Hotel. "We stripped everything down to the bare bones—the cast iron columns and the timbers and the exterior wall," says Lawrence.

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By Ivan Negri
2013-08-15 01:48:11

I love it

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