Join Us in Greece

An amazing crowdfunded grassroots project to support Greek tourism.

"You obviously know it by now. You have read the news and you have seen the pictures. Greece is in a deep financial crisis, the most severe since World War II. Yes it's serious and yes it's sad. And for us Greeks it's not just about some images on TV. It's about everyday life. So what are we going to do about it? Are we going to give up? Are we going to leave? Or are we simply going to play a blame game about bad politicians or irresponsible citizens? Of course we're not going to do any of the above!"

Up Greek Tourism is an initiative created during this crisis. A group of friends got together and believed they could do something to help one of the most important industries in our country through this difficult period. The main idea is to promote Greek Tourism. They managed to pull this off with the help of crowdfunding, today's means of supporting ideas. More than 300 people donated big and small amounts to push this idea forward. The resources thus became available to use the most prestigious advertising space in the heart of New York City. And all this to promote the best part of our country: Our philoxenia = hospitality.

Charis Tsevis chosen by these guys to create the Up Greek Tourism campaign. "I have chosen to create 6 mosaics of typical Greek images made out of the people who made this campaign possible. These guys are us. The Greeks. The people who you are going to meet when you are going to visit our country." Charis says.

More about the artist here.

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