TA-ZE Premium Olive Oil Store

Purity is a prerequisite for health.

TA-ZE Premium Olive Oil Store

Since 2000, analyses of Taris brand olives and olive oil have been conducted in our laboratories, and accredited by the International Olive Oil Council. Taris Olive and Olive Oil Union is the only producer in Turkey possessing such accreditation.

Toronto’s latest TA-ZE store, at 120 Adelaide Street West, is only 800 square feet in size, but it is airy and uncluttered. TA-ZE is a chain of retail stores focusing on premium olive oils and related product.

Ta-ze means fresh in Turkish, and the company is rooted in the long traditions of olive-oil production. Its product comes from six provinces in the Aegean region of Turkey, from 33 co-operatives that include more than 28,000 olive producers.

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