A 34-foot Pillar of 15.000 Books

Skyscraping tower of Abraham Lincoln books.

A 34-foot Pillar of 15.000 Books

There is a lot to be said about Abraham Lincoln, one of America's most influential presidents, which is made abundantly clear by the newly erected tower of books in the nation's capital. The cylindrical structure stands three stories high at approximately 34 feet in height and features about 6,800 books representing over 15,000 titles about the 16th president of the free world. The innumerable volumes of works present in this towering pillar symbolize the never-ending discussion about the famed American president. Placed in the lobby of Ford's Theatre Center for Education and Leadership, it makes for an excellent introductory piece to the new museum dedicated to Lincoln's history. Fascinatingly, it is adjacent to where Lincoln died at the Petersen House. The museum is currently under construction and set to open later this month, in time for President's Day.

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