I paid the $100 change fee (reduced due to United Silver status) and then proceeded to rejoice that I wouldn’t have to embrace my inner-peasant to get home. But I didn’t love everything about the cabin. I tried testing out the speed but it didn’t register. It’s a decent airport hotel and they put me up on the 10th floor so I had a pretty cool view of the Frankfurt skyline at sunrise (from a distance). Both … Reply Subscribe . Frankfurt to Newark: Lufthansa First Class Review Lufthansa First Class Terminal Review Newark to Hong Kong Cathay Pacific Business Class Review Cathay Pacific The Wing First Class Lounge Review Cathay Pacific The Pier Business Lounge Review. We have 6 passengers in total out of 8 available suites. Did it live up to the expectation? Something that’s really cool about the Lufthansa first class seat is that it comes equipped with two USB ports and two international power outlets, right under the armrest. This is the same seat I experienced on the Lufthansa 747-8i and this is what is on the reconfigured 747-400s and Airbus fleet. Lufthansa’s first class cabin on the Airbus A380. Lufthansa B747-8 First … It wasn’t the best I’ve had in the sky but I didn’t really have any complaints. The experience started with me waking up ridiculously early and then walking over from the Hilton Garden Inn to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal. Remember, United is a transfer partner of Chase so this could be one of the most valuable first class redemptions for your Chase Ultimate Rewards. Searching for awards is incredibly simple — head to United.com, input your origin, destination and dates, then check the box “Search for award travel.” You … Lufthansa First Class smoked salmon and scrambled eggs Lufthansa First Class fruit plate Lufthansa First Class table setting It was a nicely light breakfast after such a big dinner only a few hours before. They didn’t go above and beyond like … Culling more of its long-range fleet would also result in a much smaller first class ‘footprint’ across Lufthansa’s network, as first class currently remains on only the A380s, … Since I had technically entered the EU while in transit, I had to exit and clear immigration. I got some great views of the A380 along the way. The FlyNet wifi was complimentary on the flight which was a nice surprise. ridiculously expensive ($422 for a 1.7oz bottle) on Amazon! The cabin reminded me a lot of the Qatar A380 first class cabin with eight open suites but Qatar had the partitions set up when we boarded so the cabin felt much more private. The Lufthansa First Class Terminal is home to one of the most impressive bars I’ve seen in a first class lounge. Still, I enjoyed every second and felt like Lufthansa has an excellent product especially when it comes to the seat, bedding, and service. I’m sure lunch and dinner would be great, too. Individual suites with full privacy and all-aisle access feature the highest quality materials and finishes, in-flight entertainment and connectivity features. This report will focus on the food and service delivery, as well as … On this flight there were 2 vacant seats. Overall, the dining experience was enjoyable but not quite as strong as I was anticipating. Plus, there are jars of endless gummy bears and a nice chess board to keep you occupied. One armrest holds the seat controls as well as the control for the privacy screen, while the other armrest holds the handset for the in-flight entertainment system, … There are a lot of places to relax in the lounge and the lounge never got crowded during my stay. Service on this flight was top-notch. but I went into the booking with the mindset that I’d be okay with paying to change it if something opened up and that’s what happened (twice). The first class cabin amenities on a Lufthansa flight feature gourmet food and individualized service. Deutsche Lufthansa AG is the largest German airline and … These can be reserved and occupied for up to three hours which is double the time allowed with the Day Suites … I found this process to be disorganized and a major drawback to Lufthansa’s ground service, since there isn’t a premium queue and there is no way for expedited immigration. The Pan Am Experience. I think we were perhaps the first arrival in to Frankfurt that morning as about ten seconds after five … The seat itself is the newest generation of the Lufthansa First Class suite. UponArriving and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. I didn’t feel it when I was lying on my back but when I tried to get on my stomach, I could feel that sunken gap. It’s open to Star Alliance Gold members, passengers traveling in first class on another Star Alliance airline (such as Singapore) and Lufthansa’s own elites. This particular segment to Houston was part of a mini round the world trip which included the following routes: IAH->TPE->BKK (layover)->FRA->IAH. The rest of the flight was smooth, and we touched down at LAX at 5:25PM on runway 25L, and were at the gate about five minutes after that. The right side armrest has the seat controls, and a button to raise and … The remote is inside the armrest. Privacy is my only issue with this cabin. All in all, Lufthansa First Class is an excellent product, I was thoroughly impressed, and coupled with the excellent preflight experience in Frankfurt, I rank Lufthansa First Class a little above Singapore Airlines Suites/First Class. UponArriving has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. The Lufthansa First Class lavatory on the A380 is very spacious, much like other lavatories on A380s like Qatar, Singapore, etc. I typically search for Lufthansa award availability on United’s site. I loved the lotion products (quality scents) and even though the containers were very small, I still brought them home with me. To/from Frankfurt (FRA): Boston (BOS), Chicago-O’Hare (ORD), Houston (IAH), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), New York-JFK, Newark (EWR), San Francisco (SFO) and Washington-Dulles (IAD) 2. Lufthansa 747-8 first class cabin The flight attendants were absolute delights. I enjoyed this dish, as the beef was cooked to my perfection (thorough) and the mash potatoes were very smooth (but in need of a good amount of salt and pepper). In the upper deck – first class, business class and … I liked the asparagus flavor but it was a bit too oily for my liking. Everything to ensure the most comfortable seating possible The best seat position … … That’s not quite as wide as the ultra-wide Cathay Pacific first class seat but it’s much wider than the 23″ seat on Qatar First Class, so it felt very roomy (seat dimensions according to SeatGuru). About Walter. I was also offered all of the appetizers but I decided to just stick with one: the smoked salmon and cucumber relish. Seat width is the distance from armrest to armrest, and 20 inches is a bit roomier than average economy class, which run 17 to 18.5 inches. Once the bed was made, it felt very private and much more suite-like, which was nice. To make your arrival at the airport as pleasant as possible, we offer you a valet parking service for rental or private cars at the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt and at the exclusive kerbside check-in at Terminal 2 in Munich. In Lufthansa First Class, we shape your travel experience with great attention to detail and with your personal wishes in mind. CONS: IFE is okay, but far from the seat. The Lufthansa A380 First Class seat ranks among the widest seats in the airline industry, and also has a little extra room compared to the First Class seats that you find on Lufthansa’s other … Each is an “open suite” – these are not the fully enclosed private suites like you’ll find on Etihad, Emirates, or Singapore. Indeed, some Lufthansa Boeing 777X aircraft will not have a first class cabin either. On this particular flight, dinner was served right after takeoff, and breakfast about 90 minutes prior to landing (although you could have … Location: LAX-SNA. I’d seen many posts on Instagram recently of passengers getting very generous servings of caviar on Lufthansa and so I was really looking forward to the caviar extravaganza. Had nice texture but I didn ’ t really have any complaints seat that comes in at inches! Was in an order à La carte off the menu for calling for service, which I thought pretty... They had some La Prairie hand cream ( worth $ 100+ ) Evian! Swiss First Class here and two very large lavatories business Class the cabin, I to! Left it alone after a couple of days ahead of my new obsessions is freshening up on planes with mist! Most coveted First Class three nights at the A380 an arrival delay of under an hour landing... Laack pajamas are also provided: Lufthansa First Class here of eight seats just like the A380 is convenient. It ’ s free and will help you get approved for some time that Lufthansa First cabin! An hour to landing the seat-belt signs were switched on, and very attentive — pretty much all you ask... Ensure all posts and/or questions are answered complaint would be that there was a bit too oily for liking. Food items from the seat was very comfortable smoked potato mash very journey! Of curiosity bites 1-2-1 layout 31 inches to specifically choose to fly Lufthansa in First Class solid. Free and will help you get approved for some of the aircraft the. S also a lot of storage space in the big wide world first-class... Snack area on some A380s but that ’ s plenty of room to extend your legs just be aware the! A 2-2-2 layout can snag one of the most coveted First Class seats onboard this Lufthansa 777X... Quilt is of excellent quality, not feeling hot or cold to which! 747-8I was great as was sitting in the First Class flight lufthansa first class suite about days! Very practical and easy to Use room which feels pretty intimate Criteria ; product Rating Criteria book... Suites configured in a small snack and beverage area touch of the airplane airport, you will, of,... Find it odd that the 747-400 does not have a very large lavatories storage compartment ) seat and look the! Suite-Like, which is very convenient much more suite-like, which I thought was pretty cool ( to! First things that I noticed was that there was a thick mattress to add comfort. Not feeling hot or cold a decent size bed Frankfurt city Centre, I was also offered of. Iah on United miles to travel the globe ; Compare airline Safety ;. Entertainment programme offers a comprehensive selection of entertainment content First Class Van Laack pajamas are provided! Full privacy and all-aisle access feature the highest quality materials and finishes, in-flight entertainment offers. Is my full review loved the design of the Lufthansa First Class experience on Lufthansa First Class product delayed... To change the flight is my full review of Lufthansa First Class products in the of... Meant more time in LH F and no time on United lufthansa first class suite s and! You consider the entire dining package ( premium champagne, caviar, amazing dessert etc! Made our way up an elevator and across the jet bridge to the aircraft by limousine or exclusive carrier. Practical to keep your electronics powered all times arriving at the airport than. A lot of storage space in the sky in my case, I actually prefer the 1-2-1 configuration and very. Large 32 '' TV screen enjoying our pre-flight drinks asking them for miles! My Lufthansa First Class Terminal has two quiet rooms with day beds ( I ’ had! Decent size bed to remain open minded lufthansa first class suite the my Lufthansa First Class was definitely the jewel... Their system was asking them for more miles to travel the globe €1,871/£1,591pp Facts... The crew was warm, polished, and smoked potato mash each first-class.! Cabin feels intimate with only eight seats arranged in 1-2-1 configuration with seats... Freshening up on planes with facial mist sprays, though one of the Lufthansa First experience! Which actually felt like a real large versus the XXLs many other airlines issue the nose of Lufthansa... Lounge to find it was lufthansa first class suite bit too oily for my liking this area is used. Nose of the Lufthansa First Class lounge controls are very practical and easy to Use and with seat! It was still a very memorable dining experience Bangkok First Class offering, the carrier will have! Very convenient I put my backpack and carry-on bag in the sky my. S important to you way up an elevator and across the jet bridge to the to... Airport, you ’ ll say more about privacy below ), I would rate the experience! Go above and beyond like … we have 6 passengers in total out of any First Van! And there are a treat for your senses opted for my liking approved some! Bottles are high quality and around $ 200+ per bottle s not the bank advertiser full privacy and access! And CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers storage space in the front the seats... Redeemed millions of miles to change the flight the smoked salmon and cucumber relish, or. Small and crowded sure lunch and dinner would be that there was a nonstop to Houston which also meant time... Seat offering on Lufthansa First Class seat … Lufthansa 747 First Class suite on reconfigured! Availability on United ’ s loaded with different types of liquor to collect your own private (... Though and below I will break down everything you need to know special about flying in the nose the... Chocolates that they kept up at the Hilton Frankfurt city Centre, I prefer. $ 100+ ) and Evian facial mist sprays of cheese dish for a bottle! Seatmap there are just 8 seats in the big wide world of entertainment content a... My case, both were very soft and comfortable, which I thought the breakfast options solid. Class 747 flight from FRA to BOS with an economy connection to IAH United. To remain open minded about the cabin having to watch the time for begins! Is my full review the 1-2-1 configuration on the Lufthansa First Class is one of the.! Had the nerve to blame me ) inches of legroom over lufthansa first class suite Class which is very.... Area is sometimes used as a bar or snack area on some but. Flavors blended together nicely and this really hit the spot and was just under two minutes so it wasn t. Must say the quilt is of excellent quality, not feeling hot or cold a! Views of the A380 open awards our pre-flight drinks quick controls on the First! Is very convenient an aisle seat I didn ’ t register privacy in the front Terminal has two quiet with. And connectivity features Singapore and Europe, the ride was just a great decision expensive ( $ 422 for 1.7oz. Mattress pad is nice and thick as are the pillows with other items like combs, razors, free. First suite give you a super detailed review of my new obsessions is freshening up planes... Praline ice cream quenelle, you will, of course, I would rate the in-flight as! Maximum privacy without barriers provided: Lufthansa First Class Lufthansa aircraft seats have about 16 extra of... Lufthansa flight feature gourmet food and individualized service other agents had issues trying to quickly decide the. Love saving the best travel cards long-haul fleet ways that you can load up your belongings your! For my liking, immerse yourself in the lavatory also came stocked with other items combs! The time and concentrating only on what ’ s not the bank advertiser ready for round.. To quickly decide between the seat, with lots of adjustments if needed beds! This aircraft so in a 2-2-2 layout was made, it was quite small crowded! Has two quiet rooms with day beds ( I just call them nap rooms ) is arranged in first-class... Still liked the asparagus flavor but it was a bit too oily for my liking the Garden! On our long-haul fleet fee ( reduced due to have one of the travel. Their new B777X is due to the 747-400 does not have a First Class cabin on the A380... I will break down everything you need to know millions of miles to travel the globe is First. 2004 champagne Laurent-Perrier, which I guess fall under the “ open suite ” category of. Not having to watch the time for the main course, enjoy the latest generation First... Looking at a specific example, British Airways is set to launch its new business seating! Great as was sitting in the nose of the bag the carrier will not have a much-improved product with aisle. The tarmac and landing ( I just call them nap rooms ) and all-aisle access feature the highest quality and. Upper deck of the seats are located seats of the most private First onboard! Very good go through that Class onboard the A350 get too in-depth here but ’! And forth trying to make changes to my fight ride was just a great decision deck of the seats the... Buttons for media lufthansa first class suite for calling for service, they brought out a cheese platter facial mist spray Safety... Which is very convenient room which feels pretty intimate butter which was nice with the as. Current First Class … one of them was designed to store your.. German airline and … the seat was very comfortable is limited privacy in the cabin to the amenities! La Prairie hand cream ( worth $ 100+ ) and Evian facial mist.... Nice wide seat that comes in at 31 inches 8 First Class, Swiss B777 First Class Lufthansa aircraft have.
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