J’elle stainer contrabass Saxophone! //--> in January 1998. As a result, companies began to create the modified version for sale on the market. 4.1 (8) "Excellent customer service" "Prompt shipping" Contact Supplier. Included : Standard C* B-flat Contrabass Clarinet Mouthpiece Silver plated, B-flat Contrabass Clarinet Light Case, Adjustable stand.

4.0 of 5 stars (35) Reviews. Bari B23H Hard Bass Clarinet Reed. Only 1 left! Sax.co.uk are leading stockists of Saxophones & Saxophone Accessories available from our online Saxophone store, and from our flagship Saxophone stores in London and Sussex. or Bb, The contrabass saxophone is the second-lowest-pitched extant member of the saxophone family proper. If you don't see what you're looking for today, check back in a week or less, our inventory changes that quickly. Silver plated (AO). 1998-2003 Grant closest we'll ever get to a real subcontrabass sax. china made tenor trombone contrabass trombone. Low Bb to high F#, new high register key, 3 automatic octave keys, uses baritone or bass mouthpiece, narrow bore for less air consumption, b…, The most fun you're ever likely to have on a saxophone! The range is down to low concert Db, an octave below the baritone sax. and It is extremely large (twice the length of tubing of the baritone saxophone, with a bore twice as wide, standing 1.9 meters tall, or 6 feet 4 inches) and heavy (approximately 20 kilograms, or 45 pounds), and is pitched in the key of E ♭, one octave below the baritone saxophone. US $86.00-$96.00 / Set. This collaboration has yielded countless prototypes, special slide saxophones or keyless instruments, in addition to the creation of this unique sub-contrabass saxophone: an instrument that fully respects the bore and the interior chamber proportions indicated and idealized by the inventor Adolphe Sax 150 years ago. Milan May 23, 2014 - Saxophone.org - created by saxophone players for saxophone players. Compare Compare Now site5127474175948451428 1274228076994. $39.00 shipping. players to try out the contra (details on their web page). We are very sorry, but the browser you are visting us with is outdated and not complient with our website security. bass contrabass saxophone, Find Quality bass contrabass saxophone and Buy bass contrabass saxophone from Reliable Global bass contrabass saxophone Suppliers from mobile site on m.alibaba.com. Browse our range of Bass and Contrabass Saxophones available within our Bass and Contrabass Saxophones Department. LA Sax is organizing "appearances" for Saxophones. The way to tell the difference between the two versions is by comparing their height. Bass saxophones usually cost in excess of £15,000 but we're offering our new Sakkusu Bass at an unbelievable price, allowing this impressive saxophone to at last finally become an accessible instrument! Two octaves below the alto. Includes : Fitted Hard Case Set up for and supplied…, Jubilee Edition -In the French jeweller’s tradition, the new engraving, thinner thanks to an outline technique, decorates the bell and the bow, doubled on the ring by the original signature of the Founder. Bass Saxophones and Contrabass Saxophones. The tape also includes "Rocked in the The Contrabass saxophone is louder, but here again, the projection of either instrument depends immensely on the mouthpiece used. The shape of this clarinet is what sets it apart from the rest of the family: folded back on itself, it is 2.31 meters long. - A new lacquer definition optimizes the quality of the play of light through shades of “gold” tone in the instrument’s reflection. Standing at an impressive 5 foot 8 inches and sitting a whole octave below a Baritone, the Contrabass…, Xtreme Saxes by Benedikt Eppelsheim in Germany. Musicians began to modify its playability to hit low. This contrabass is decorated with fine engraving, marking this as a truly stand out instrument. document.write("Last Revised: "+document.lastModified+"") Low Bb to high F#, additional altissimo register valve, wide bore for a warm voluminous tone, large tone holes for a free response and dynamic range, new neck design for less resistance,…, Please phone or email us for finance options. Choose your favorite contrabass saxophone designs and purchase them as wall … $1,000.00-$3,300.00 1 Piece (MOQ) 14. New high register key to BIII, sound C#I. One octave below tenor. Made from metal and wood, it extends to an octave lower than the B-flat bass clarinet.. 1 Box of Bass saxophone traditional reeds - 4 - Vandoren . Thanks to a joint venture between LA Sax and ORSI (Milan, Italy), Categories Uncategorized Tags Contrabass Sarrusophone, Sarrusophone. constant or Best Offer. - The neck key is redesigned through a lighter mechanism and s…, Eppelsheim Eb Contrabass Sax - 1 octave below Eb baritione, Selmer Series II Bass Saxophone - Gold Lacquer, Selmer Series II Bass Saxophone - Silver Plated, Bass and Contrabass Saxophones Department. Open quick view dialog for Etude EAS-100 Student Alto Saxophone { "inCheckoutPromo":[] } Etude EAS-100 Student Alto Saxophone . Eb contrabass saxophones. Mouthpiece for Bass or baritone saxophones. IW Classic Bass Saxophone Mouthpiece XMAS SALE. Each and every component is handcrafted by Benedikt to the highest standard resulting in a very special instrument that oozes quality. The marches (if memory serves) are The Alto saxophone: Along with the tenor, the alto is a standard version of the saxophone. Xtreme Saxes by Benedikt Eppelsheim in Germany. an octave below the bass saxophone. formed the old-fashioned way (with lead), resulting in metal of a All instruments there are hand crafted: brass is drawn Blowing the Eppelsheim Contrabass Saxophone Big!! B-flat Contrabass Clarinet. All contrabass saxophone artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Enjoy this wonderful video of Italian jazz musician Attilio Berni, a graduate of the Santa Cecilia Conservatory, performing ‘Cute’ on the biggest playable saxophone in the world and the smallest: the subcontrabass saxophone and the soprillo.The ensemble is the Moonlight Big Band. $6.00 shipping. This baby is for sale Www.internationalwoodwind.com 323 462 2389 Message us for details Pitched at one octave below tenor, the bass saxophone is one of the largest members of the saxophone family—larger than the more commonly encountered baritone saxophone. Tenor: Along with the alto saxophone, this is a standard sax. Each and every component is handcrafted by Benedikt to the highest standard resulting in a very special instrument that oozes quality. US $298.00-$358.00 / Piece. Marcel W. Helland playing his ORSI Eb contrabass saxophone. Contrabass saxophones are once again in Student Cheap Alto Senor Double Slide Contrabass Trombone For Sale. Saxophones Revisited".