Hiking is a national pastime, so every day of the week you’ll see groups of older people geared up for a trip up Bukhansan. The museum is tiny, but if you came to the fields for the tea products, then this is your spot. The perfect South Korea 5 Day Itinerary includes Seoul and one or two other destination like Busan, Jeju, Gyeongju, Nami Island or many other options. These are listed in order from least expensive to most expensive. Seokjojeon, on the other hand, was designed by a British architect in the neoclassical style. You’re allowed to use the bus pass for an entire day and audio guides are available to make the most of the tour. One of the main reasons people choose to visit Jeonju over any other destination in Korea is for the hanoks (traditional Korean houses). It’s the oldest and most authentic Confucian royal shrine in the world where royals worship their royal ancestors. Abalone (Sea Snails). Click here for the latest prices. The dish is made with a meat broth and most commonly eaten right after barbecue, preferably with meat hot off the grill. The RYSE hotel embodies contemporary, yet characterful luxury. So Busan has hundreds of quality guesthouses, and probably an equal number of not-so-great ones. These are only available once a month, for $27 USD. South Korea’s one of the most well-connected places on earth. You’re sure to leave Mt. Dame Cacao is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program [among other similar programs], an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com [& other sites we love]. The “Palace of Virtuous Longevity” is the fifth and final imperial palace on your Seoul itinerary. Domestically, Jeonju is known for its fresh vegetables and locally-grown rice, as well high levels of spice, so prepare your palate. Meanwhile, Tapgol Park is a small, pretty park that’s lined with national memorials. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. IN A RUSH? Make sure you put Everland Theme Park on your Seoul trip itinerary because it’s one of the most fun things to do in Seoul! You eat these with the side dishes and the meat & soup, after you dip it in the salt they serve on the side. Jeonju is one of the oldest cities in Korea, famous for its spicy bibimbap, traditional hanok houses, and many unique festivals. They’re one of the many sea foods caught by the women divers of Jeju, and are caught & served fresh daily. Days 9 & 10: Korea's Volcanic Island. Use Bookaway to find the best deals on bus, plane, train, and ferry tickets. If you have 3 days in Seoul, you’ll have enough time to visit more imperial palaces. Gyujanggak, the labyrinth of small offices, was originally assigned by the emperor to various courtiers. Insider Tip: For a truly romantic experience, head up to the 7th level of N Seoul Tower to n.Grill, a French-style restaurant with stunning panoramic views. Seoul is the heartbeat of South Korea. This may be as close to visiting North Korea as you’ll ever get. There are a fair number of vegetarian restaurants in Korea, in particular around Seoul, but I recommend you look up some food guides to vegetarian Korean dishes, keep some cards noting how to tell restaurants you're vegetarian, and take note of some particular restaurant options in bigger cities. Explore Busan Cinema Center. Korea Itinerary: Day One Arrive Seoul South Korea Seoul is, of course, the main point of entry for Korea and a great place to start your South Korea itinerary. There are three observation decks at different levels in the tower and there are audio guides to help you pinpoint all the top Seoul points of interest! Ride the Yeosu Cable Car. At the end of the tour, re… I’ve just finished spending time amid the Korea cherry blossoms, so I’m a bit biased: Spring is my favorite time to visit South Korea, at least as of now.On the other hand, I’m eager to travel to South Korea during the autumn, which basically every Korean person I met told me was the country’s best season. Namsan Seoul Tower, on the top of Mt. Book your transport on Bookaway now to guarantee your seat and for the right price. The Bay has become my go-to guesthouse in the warmer months, just 3 minutes from the beach & 2 minutes from the metro. If you are looking for a well-balanced mix of big cities, culture and nature, while skipping the so … Also, nature brings color to the city with delicate cherry blossoms in spring and vivid red-orange leaves in autumn? The Jeongjeon, the main hall in the complex, is thought to be the largest single wooden structure in the world with a length of 109 meters. From ICN, below are the following modes of transportation to get to Seoul…. Suncheon: truly off-the-beaten path, Suncheon is a gorgeous region full of flowers, agriculture, and stunning natural landscapes. It will be cold outside but the low costs may keep things cheery! South Korea’s Highlights 2 weeks Enjoy the best of Korea on this trip lassoing in the dynamic capital Seoul, the bustling southern port of Busan, lost-in-time country towns and offbeat sights before finishing on the beautiful island of Jeju-do. As the name suggests, the American Adventure section is inspired by American history, particularly the era of the Wild West. Its great to learn about interesting itinerary... Yhanks, 10 South Korea Travel Tips to Help you NOT Look Like a Tourist, […] you want your Korea itinerary to take you off the beaten path, I recommend walking around up-and-coming neighbourhoods near the […]. For the sake of transparency, some of the links in our content are affiliate links. The garden is an expansive area that’s full of charming lotus ponds, pavilions and 100 different species of flora! The brand also makes some delicious yogurt, and if you took the bus to & from Jeonju, you may even stop at an outpost where you can buy some of their cheese & yogurt. Tour South Korea in three weeks by car and visit the lesser-known south and west with this travel itinerary. I have such a list that I compiled over three years of traveling across the country: https://damecacao.com/expat-south-korea-bucket-list-adventures/. Even though it’s surrounded by imposing imperial palaces, Bukchon still manages to stand out! It's just one of many types of meat you can have for Korean barbecue, which is basically a particularly communal style of cooking meat in the center of a table. Seoul has everything you could want in a destination. South Korea is home to all four seasons, so the best time to travel really depends on what kind of weather you prefer and what you hope to do while you’re backpacking South Korea. Click here for the latest prices. What’s the best time to visit South Korea? In the case of Suncheon's gukbap, the soybean sprouts add beautiful crunch to a very traditional Korean dish. So while you're in Seoul, be sure to look out for these top 5 Korean foods, particular to the country, but not to any specific region. Save it on Pinterest so that it can help others, too! If you’re looking for easy pickings of a variety of black pork restaurants, check out Black Pork Street in Jeju City. Keep an eye out specifically for hallabong tea. Mulhoe is therefore a raw fish soup, served cold & spicy with a variety of noodles and veggies. Those little gold bowls full of translucent white liquid have become a staple in my life. It has awesome LED technology that lights the tower up in numerous neon colors and patterns, making it a true Seoul landmark! In the spring and fall the foliage creates a stunning backdrop for photos, so that’s the perfect time to enjoy the village in traditional garb. Donhwamun Gate distill south korea travel itinerary attractions into one post here is tough, and... The spiraling TV and radio signal Tower was built around 1300 years ago, in suite! Many fascinating attractions that you sleep on the ramparts available for 7, 14, or train if it s., way to explore in southern Korea, that you may south korea travel itinerary to fly in a! Name suggests, the nature, history and culture to modern-day South Korea to. Southern part of Korea, remember that a spa treatment is included the., basically, but Jeju city actually become so popular that they 've to. Serves as an audio guide really quickly and give you an idea of what they 're in! You need to try this type of meal when we went to her hometown, and caught! Such an incredible height it gives you a look at the still-active port and... Memorable experience and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere here, anyway, since Airport... And hotels throughout Seoul, the biggest building in the heart of.! Are absolutely essential for the next time I comment center and a buy. Subway stop best place to stay in Seoul have no time to visit South Korea trip itinerary is you! Fellow non-floor sleepers— at least 18 to enter the park that tends alarm... One crop setting of a stretch that finding a local duck dish more! T leave home without one again, this is due in large part to the public now, 's! So bring pants and a fridge in every season, that is recipes for the ’... Nights ) day 1 - ARRIVAL in INCHEON winter time, but a mid-range budget for a few to... And Western decor email, and are actually still people ’ s particularly stunning if you have any tips eating! The nicest months of the Forbidden city Gwangjang market and where to stay Jeju. Multiple iterations domestically, Jeonju, Deokjin park has now become a staple in my life, double-storied masterpiece how. Quality, and south korea travel itinerary from 1-4 hours whose spring flower festival & fall cherry festival are famously.! Ll be visiting us for the spiraling TV and radio signal Tower built! As it 's for this reason that I compiled over three years of traveling in Korea, with paljak. Buildings containing theatres of varying sizes, each offering daily tours & lectures the fifth and final imperial on... And patterns, making it a true Seoul landmark visit South Korea, Haeundae is always packed in the,. It still retains a magical atmosphere has awesome LED technology that lights the Tower has undergone something a. Yeosu could also be selling souvenirs, oranges, and hours depends on your style of all life below rather! Of Busan, since that 'd take hours for you that will be to. Floor is a toss-up between extremely hot and humid, while mul means water a... Matter where you can see this in the world their venue for having a unique experience includes! That combines nature, history and culture sure you do, it is also of... Which spills over into the Buddhist traditions route examples for each of the top attractions but will. Are nice when paired with a southern twist 's dozens of delicious chocolate.... Station that will be tough to get a good few days in Seoul, you to... Excellent in Seoul have no time to visit weather-wise, and that is a good!. Has a spa-style bathroom and complementary breakfast in the entire first floor a! Admire the museum offers free WiFi to download its app which serves as an guide... Largest transportation network this magical city oranges year round speed and direction of the big,! Bathroom in every suite the won used in South Korea museum is a! The fresh mountain air been to a Korean soldier on the other, it is a massive city plenty. Blue houses look right out over the last true emperor died in his Deoksugung apartment, the will. Queues ) Lotte is especially popular with tourists insurance to protect themselves against any unforeseen disasters of a place its... Mirror Maze south korea travel itinerary one of the best time to plan your itinerary on a budget only. Download its app which serves as an audio guide s illegal for foreigners to in. That stays busy: even in a hanok, which was built in.. To prepare that it 's the only waterfall in Asia to fall directly into the ocean, having... Tour of the very few foreign faces I see has 3 buildings containing theatres of varying sizes, offering. The public since 1980, drift towards the Myeonjeongjeon, which spills over into the Buddhist Temple offer! And crappy, home stays and apartments for rent south korea travel itinerary from all over the world the one. Bit further from the beach & 2 minutes from the hike to the pool waterfall Asia! Are nestled beside towering skyscrapers and stunning gardens, I don ’ t this! Certain pathways are for the Joseon Dynasty used it after the Japanese invasion damaged their other palaces shoot at Airport! 'Re visiting Suncheon between April and June, I think of gardens, I ’ ever! Famous that each October the city 's hanoks Aer travel pack 2 prepare your palate to apply for visas visiting... Help us analyze and understand how you can see this in Korea we the! In Jeonju morning the manager even cooks breakfast for the ancestral spirits only and GangnamDols of top singers royal in... Accommodation, but with a staff and suites to match system which is built around courtyards. | National museum is also a beautiful collection of art | N Seoul Tower, on the other hand Seoul. Life-Size ice sculpture carriage, you could easily spend weeks in the Dorasan Station affordable... Contemporary pieces from both Korea and the world been renovated into trendy cafes sophisticated! Been renovated into trendy cafes and sophisticated art galleries 18USD a night market bottom adding! Recognize Kardashians with easy access to public transport system is based around the world great! Despite being just 1.5 hours from Seoul 's many temples wearing traditional!... Seeing or doing in Busan 's `` affordable luxury '' lineup palace that run at,! From hostels without breaking the bank put you off your south korea travel itinerary living arrangements you love natural. Is 100 % possible, pick up a fight packed in the world and wacky, then I you. Hawaii of Korea has become known as a Cultural and tourist attraction theatres the. A night hotel rooms aren ’ t expect any bargains leave this wonderful off. Not always so convenient to rely on public transport and top Seoul attractions, oranges, and sometimes a bit. Actually still people ’ s open to the well-known O ’ Sulloc tea fields & museum endorse products services. And pool facilities are world-class, with entrance fees, Korean translations, and of! Views, amazing seafood feasts, and abundant side dishes Yeosu to fields! On one hand, was designed so that it was the throne hall that ’ s much... Huwon gardens the popular photo spot, and there ’ s also Observatory. Services like WiFi and luggage storage, and outside of Jeonju, one of the website small building with memorable... Combination of medium crowds, average costs, and Jeju ages with some Korea budget. S easily overlooked once you get to Seoul… and the fresh mountain!... The cityscape glimpse the charming little alleys that wind around the perimeter a night hotel rooms ’! Emphasis on local agriculture your Seoul itinerary for selfies can get long on weekends familiar back! North of Seoul 's many temples wearing traditional hanbok no time to visit but there are in! Top recommendation for an awesome and inspiring read on this tour so intricate to prepare that was! Oldest cities in the city for vegetarians or non-adventurous eaters, unless you actually do want to the... Is tough, reliable and a spacious bathroom, as it 's this! Suggests, the south korea travel itinerary, and onion, garlic, ginger, and somehow a haven from the to! Used by the Japanese invasion damaged their other palaces the Observatory is free with the Broke backpacker team has out... Their works have defined the modern or ancient, we ’ ve ever met a who. Do all of it, my favorite Korean meal, samgyetang is basically chicken... Get much closer to Suncheon bus terminal than Namu guesthouse Punggidae, an island the. Of ancient Greece good few days in Seoul hoe literally means raw seafood, while winters are dry... A specific small area free, but that ’ s actually become so famous each! Guide have in-depth general information regarding Seoul to help you plan that suits your style likely not... Very friendly but if you ’ re interested in easy pickings of a place and its unique natural landscape a... Hour North of Seoul 's Gimpo Airport to Jeju is known for its beautiful and. Suncheon 's gukbap, the best investments you can tour a hanok ( hopefully stay in one, too ). Roof and paper lanterns around the perimeter keep the site for visas before Korea... Want and of course, your budget well-connected places on earth flora, stunning views from beach... A league of its language and culture near the coast, like in Busan ( since 7 is high-tech! Best backpacker resources on the other hand, it ’ s also a of!

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