In large parts of the Russian Arctic, people are reindeer nomads who move from pasture to pasture with their herds. Arctic wildlife such as Reindeer, Musk Ox and Snow Geese can also be seen. However, the conditions in the coastal regions of the Arctic during the northern summer are both mild and changeable. Our exploration of the region is highly determined by weather and ice conditions, but we hope to explore historical sites, remote seabird colonies and walrus rookeries such as Cape Flora, Cape Norway, Bell Island and Tikhaya Bukta. Putin pledges Russian superiority in the Arctic with new icebreakers. A nature reserve, it is part of the Russian Arctic National Park. Russian Arctic Cruise with Wrangel Island. Russian Far East Expeditions and Tours A tour of the Russian Far East offers you the unique opportunity to witness a culturally and ecologically significant region in all its glory. 1898, 1899, 1906, 1907: Albert I, Prince of Monaco leads four Arctic expeditions with Princesse Alice 1900–1903 : Russian polar expedition of 1900–1902 on-board Zarya is led by Eduard Toll 1901–1902 : First North Pole expedition financed by US industrialist William Ziegler , led by Evelyn Baldwin Welcome to Chimu’s Arctic Adventures, a phenomenal collection of expeditions to the northernmost reaches of our planet. In 1880 the Englishman Leigh Smith made the first of two … 'Liinakhamari village enjoys a great location, in terms of the distance to federal centres. Russian Arctic and Far East areas are wild, rarely visited and totally isolated. Russian Border Deep Snow. Explosion Opens New ‘Pit to Hell’ Crater in Russian Arctic. Russian Arctic Follow in the footsteps of early arctic explorers on the Jewels of the Russian Arctic: Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya expedition, voyaging to two of the most isolated, icy archipelagoes in the Russian High Arctic. In 1763, he wrote a remarkable description of explorations in the northern seas from the time of the Russian Pomors to the expeditions, and included a discussion of Arctic oceanography. PRODUCT CATEGORYArctic Expeditions. If you would like help to find your perfect expedition cruise, simply complete the enquiry form to get in touch. In 1732, the Russian Admiralty ordered investigations of Siberia and a route to America and Japan, consisting of three parties: a marine expedition to the North Pacific, a land expedition to East Siberia, and a sea expedition to map and describe the northern coast of Siberia, later called the Great Northern Expeditions. Enjoyable sunny days can swiftly change to cold, windy storms with snow flurries and rolling seas. With over 7 years of experience, Russian Arctic Travel specialises in adventure expeditions throughout Siberia. Like the explorers that came before, we go in search of exhilarating discoveries, changing course to follow the opportunities which nature presents. Russian High Arctic Steeped in polar history, the Russian High Arctic offers the rare opportunity to travel to remote archipelagos, including Severnaya Zemlya. Cruises to the Russian Arctic often visit the Norwegian Coast and the North Pole. Although the authorities have come to their aid in part as well, the damage, especially economically caused by the elimination of trade, plus … Alternatively , call our Polar Specialists on 0203 196 1000. The Russian Far East has some of the best birding islands in the world and a rugged coastline ideal for expedition cruising. Spot an abundance of bird and marine life, plus coastal brown bears, arctic fox, and muskoxen. As one of the remotest regions in the world, it is oftentimes unknown to even the most experienced and adventurous travelers. We have more than three decades of experience leading arctic expeditions. A perfectly intact Ice Age cave bear though to be up to 39,500 years old has been found in melting permafrost in the Russian Arctic. PRICE STARTING FROM 1970€ DURATION 4 DAYS. Start and end in Longyearbyen! msn back to msn home news. SUITABLE FOR ADULTS. Sail the Bering Strait, along the Siberian coastline and North to remote Wrangel Island - a treasure trove of Arctic biodiversity and known for the multitude of Polar Bears and Pacific Walrus. Expedition cruises featuring or including the Russian Arctic or cruise to the North Pole itself! LMSU MRC is one of the leading Russian companies in the offshore environmental monitoring, its expeditions perform more than 500 integrated oceanographic stations across the Arctic seas. Embark on a Russian Far East travel journey to trace the expedition of Vitus Bering, hike the tundras, visit Ainu and Koryak villages, and spot the unique and diverse wildlife of Kamchatka. Enjoyable sunny days can swiftly change to cold, windy storms with snow flurries and rolling seas. The Russian Arctic has an Arctic climate with average temperatures that do not exceed 10° C in the warmest summer months. Four day snowmobile journey takes us through the beautiful winterish forest to the hidden side of Eastern Lapland, places … Our core belief is that small group travel makes for a better trip – one where you can immerse yourself in the best that Russia’s far north has to offer. Perfectly Preserved Ice Age Cave Bear Discovered in Russian Arctic. Take in spectacularly scenic landscapes and skirt remote, rugged coastlines. Plan Trips to the Arctic with Circumpolar Expeditions. Because nationalism is on the rise in Russia, Putin’s approach to the Arctic is popular among the population. Be among the first to explore the last Arctic islands to be discovered on Earth. Learn more about our expeditions and make a reservation today! The Russian Far East Arctic never fails to astound visitors with its sublime beauty. From the northern tip of Scandinavia to the easternmost coast of Russia, the remotest corners of Canada and the mystical North Pole, we offer you unrivalled chances for BIG adventures to the mesmerizing frozen frontiers of the Arctic region. Top 5 Reasons to Visit Russian Arctic & Far East ©Poseidon. There are few places as magical or epic as the mountains of the Polar Urals. Sep. 7, 2020 The 50-meter hole was named Crater 17. Browse the incredible range of Russian Arctic expedition cruises available here at Expeditions Online. Encompassing the Russian High Arctic, the Kamchatka Peninsula and a lengthy chain of volcanic islands that forms part of Russia’s ‘Ring of Fire’, the Russian Far East is … ... View All Expeditions View All Upcoming Departures. Breeding colonies of sea lions, fur seals and walrus, brown bear and polar bear, are all set against a backdrop of magnificent forests, high Arctic tundra, towering volcanoes and wildflower displays unequalled anywhere in the world. Poseidon Expeditions is a leading operator of polar expeditions in the cruise industry. Historians call it Beringia, the legendary land bridge that once joined Alaska to Siberia.The bridge gave way some 11,000 years ago, but the islands and peninsulas that remain in the Bering and Chukchi Seas still possess a Pleistocene character, down to the Woolly Mammoth remains that continue to crop up on Wrangel Island. Russian High Arctic (13 Days) includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.

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