MK1 - Tilt Action Cargo Trike

Get a glimpse of our definition of urban mobility for those who love cycling.

"Our first cargo bike — simply called the Mk I – is for anyone who loves cycling. With it, we intend to challenge the perception of how fun and easy riding a cargo bike can be without compromising usability. It has long been established that the bicycle is in fact an actual alternative to the car and that the two-wheeler is, in many cities, actually even faster. But although there are many obvious benefits of cargo bikes, as we know them, they have so far lagged the joy of cycling. We have set out to change that."

"Based in the meatpacking district in Copenhagen — hence the name Butchers & Bicycles – we think, design, develop, test, prototype, build and sell the Mk1. At the moment, the Mk1 is only available for purchase in our Copenhagen showroom. We expect to be ready to export to other markets during spring/summer 2014."

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Pinch by Matthias Pliessnig Digital Artworks by Leandro Lima
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