Map Illustrations

Impressive map illustrations by Belgian based design studio KHUAN + KTRON.

Map Illustrations

The mud eating monks of KHUAN+KTRON live, work and play in KHUAN monastery. Hidden deep in the Haspengouwer hills, far from the hustle and bustle of the post-nucular world, where goretex-clad tourists and other strange creatures freely roam the countryside and where words are less important - and a whole lot less reliable — than the phases of the moon, the reclusive KHUAN brothers use a homebuilt computer, a couple of gallons of ink, a handful of brushes, a wooden guitar and a good ol' teapot in a rather amusing but ultimately vain attempt to distill a clear meaning from the one hundred thousand earthly phenomena.

KHUAN+KTRON is a modern graphic studio manufacturing brightly coloured and often rather eccentric pictures of the floating world, info- and typographics, leaflets, brochures, pamflets and books. A warm shelter for wandering monks and pilgrims, martial arts instructors, retired mathematicians, heavy metal roadies, sparetime pathologists, daisypickers, vegan cooks, flute-playing shepherds, ascetics and other zealots, off-season theme park enthusiasts and maggot-infested zombies, united by their mutual passions and/or by the whims of fate. Also known as KHUAN Cavemen Co., Kwan Tung, The Long-Haired Johns of Yore and Yonder, The Tribe of Goons, The Daruma Crew and The Kargasok Clan.

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