Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta

The 2uettottanta is here, the Alfa Romeo sports car designed by Pininfarina.

Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta

A sports car to enjoy. Built for the motorist who still likes to dream in his car. The motorist looking for a mixture of vanity and entertainment, who enjoys life in the open air. The motorist who loves icons as the highest expression of the age he lives in. The motorist who sees the car as an uncommon sensory experience. Or one who wants to be excited by a dynamic, sporty car that transmits to observers the exclusiveness and refinement typical of the Alfa Romeo sports cars designed by Pininfarina. For all these people, we now present the 2uettottanta. It is a car that expresses the inexhaustible creativeness and genius of Italian craftsmanship. An icon of styling and elegance all over the world, which received the prestigious Car Design of the Year Award in 2010. Available in 2015.

The collaboration between Alfa Romeo and Pininfarina is one of the most important and durable in the history of the car. Founded on men and on passion, on design and on cutting-edge technical solutions, it has generated an inestimable heritage of good-looking, innovative cars with plenty of temperament. And a predilection for sports cars and convertibles. The 2uettottanta embodies all this. When they designed this car, the creative team allowed themselves carte blanche to express the values of the sports car “by Pininfarina”, and to grasp the spirit of Alfa in the set-up, the proportions and the conception of this gem, as well as in the styling itself.

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