Nautilus II Table

Marc Fish has created a second edition of his Nautilus Table.

Nautilus II Table

Mark says: "Nautilus was born in an environment of artist freedom: an experimental piece that has embraced modern computer aided technology and combined it with innovative constructional techniques. The layering of over 4000 individual pieces of walnut and sycamore veneer has created the logarithmic spiral found within the Nautilus shell. The proportions of the Nautilus shell never change, no matter how large their growth: these proportions follow the classical order of the Golden Ratio. A more perfect form might not be found. This perfection commonly found in nature is often the source of Marc’s inspiration. The table has a texture which replicates the outside of the shell, created by hand carving the fluted growth patterns. Inside a satin sheen has been created which runs smoothly round into the chambered area replicated in Japanese lace paper."

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By Silverzero
2012-09-25 18:30:31

this table is awesome!!

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