Footwear by HardGraft

Inspired by selected vintage shoes Hardgraft surprised us again.

Footwear by HardGraft

"We've designed our first collection by keeping it casual with a cheeky twist for modern day living. I've been wearing a pair every single day for the last few months and you can take my word for it - these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. James, Co-Founder"

"Quite a while back we set out to find the right Italian workshop that shares our ethos in crafting limited shoes by hand. Cobbling them together with pride, bit by bit. It's fair to say our search was quite a bumpy ride - bigger factories turned us down instantly and small artisan workshops that were up for the challenge where extremely hard to find. But, hands down we have found the perfect match and here's the first results of our ideas."

"Each pair combines our perfect ├╝ber premium vegetable tanned leather with a soft calf leather lining and a leather, wood and rubber sole. Our signature wool accent and the little red and white ribbon features on the back. Using exactly the same quality materials as the rest of our goods means you now can match your MacBook sleeve, iPhone case, wallet or bag to your shoes."

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By geo
2012-08-24 11:29:31

i want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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