Scale Models of Decaying Homes

Israeli artist Ofra Lapid constructs miniature scale models of decaying and abandoned homes.

Scale Models of Decaying Homes

Ofra describes her work as follows: "The point of departure for my photographic works is in images found on the Internet. I browse around the virtual space in search of raw material. The main subjects of my research are domestic environments and various architectural structures, as well as routine cityscapes. The images at which I point are those of the unusual, bizarre, fantastic, catastrophic, tragic, poetic, funny, surreal; ones which were free to download. The use of web-based images gives me the freedom to appropriate both image and context, namely the story behind it, the subject matter. I enjoy manipulating the original photograph: erase; cut, copy, and paste; print; create crafty models; build something broken; create an illusion; change the meaning; emphasize something from the past (of no obvious relevance); photograph a photograph; enlarge something that is very small; meet new people; discover remote parts of the world; be in many places at once; humanize the computer; settle conflicts. Art for me is a good way to resolve the relentless conflicts existing in everyday life. It is a way to communicate, respond, and negotiate every thought, every action, every lasting desire."

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By don bryant
2013-04-24 04:47:25


By don bryant
2013-04-24 04:46:58

amassing work

By scot
2012-07-05 19:31:42

amazing building procedure

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