Hufnagel Handmade Cycles

Amazing handmade bicycles by Jordan Hufnagel.

Hufnagel Handmade Cycles

As a small boy, Jordan Hufnagel constructed miniature bicycles out of twigs, corn husks, and paraffin wax in order to traverse the expansive Indiana maize labyrinths in which he was raised. His creations seldom held fast for longer than a trip to the general store, and so he looked for better ways to clench two wheels together. When steel was invented, Jordan spent long nights in the township 'fraidy hole, teaching himself to weld, sometimes blindfolded. His family was callous and unsupportive of his efforts, often force-feeding him lumpy and tepid gruel. When he was old enough, Jordan stuffed two pairs of jeans, a t-shirt, and a broken music box into a satchel and hid himself in the cargo bay of a mail plane. The aircraft landed in Portland, OR, with Jordan emaciated and nearly frozen in its great aluminum belly. He wandered into the rain and through the slick city streets until he passed out under a picnic table beside the Willamette river. A group of schoolchildren woke him and fed him apples and blackberries from their sack lunches. To show his gratitude, Jordan built them all bicycles. He has been in business ever since.

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