Husqvarna Bicyle

You can build on a bike’s tradition, but can’t take the tradition out of the bike.

Husqvarna Bicyle

This Husqvarna bicycle, remodeled in Sao Paolo by Paulo Zapella, retains its original structure while receiving a shiny makeover. Husqvarna, a subsidiary of BMW Motorrad, initially produced motorcycles - and its lineage can even be traced as far back as 1689.

Zapella revitalized the Husky’s frame, forks and fenders by stripping and repainting them with a coat of maroon with white pinstripes. The bike belonged to the customer’s father, and according to its registration plate was produced in 1954. Wooden grips add a touch of old-school charm, while a high-tech Brooks B135 saddles transitions this bike into the modern day.

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By ili
2013-04-17 07:40:54


By ili
2013-04-17 07:40:45

Absolutely right Thomas, than for sharing.

By Thomas Ragan
2013-02-02 00:49:01

Husqvarna made motorcycles imported to the United State's from around 1959 to the mid to late 1990's I think mist were motocross bike's some enduro type bike's. They also imported chainsaws and other small two stroke motors. just an observation.

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