I would love to say reading books, hiking, skiing, etc… But the truth is if I am not working, which I enjoy enough to include in hobbies and interest, I love spending time with my family. Our product line has grown to thousands of kitchen and bath plumbing products along with accessories and hardware to match. Every job that I have done in my career, as different as each one has been, I find that they all have contributed to the person that I am today! JACLO I even had a customer tell me once “how great I was at my job and how far I will go in this industry”. Delta She called after the remodel was finished to let me know she was over the moon with her choices. This job demands that you be dynamic, creative and customer service centric – all things I appreciate and strive to deliver. Since I have been on this industry for several years I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients. I am a great problem solver and keep working on a problem until you are happy with the result. I helped her pick out some items she was looking for and she was so grateful for my help she ended up purchasing more than originally planned! I enjoy helping people complete their dream home or remodel and having them come back in the future for their next project. I take pride in all the relationships I’ve built over the years. I enjoy greeting our customers into our beautiful showroom and making them feel comfortable and at ease so their experience is a memorable one. I have been in many positions in this industry before being in the showroom such as: purchasing, receiving, office manager, accounts payable and receivable, collections, so I have a great understanding of my job as well as my associates, which I feel really gives me a great perspective and helps me in sales from beginning to the end of the project. We look forward to hearing from you. Perrin & Rowe Knowing that I could help a homeowner find the right balance between beauty and function in their kitchen or bath is very satisfying. with 4 Years Working in the Showroom. We hike, fish and hunt all over Central Oregon and beyond. Native Trails I know choosing fixtures can be overwhelming and most have little to no knowledge of plumbing. DXV Icera Kohler. JSG Oceana I am excited to be part of such a great team! High efficiency (1.28 GPF) Tornado flushing action. I strive to make everybody’s experience customizable and personal. You will never have a … Buy It Again Order History Help Center. When asked what it is that I do, I say, “I spend other people’s money.” My suggestions in the showroom are customized for each individual. I have worked at several showrooms in the Portland area and having the opportunity to work at The Fixture Gallery has been an exciting and refreshing experience. Cement Elegance Swanstone My client base is loyal and my integrity and character in this industry, my customer care is respected. With 15 years of experience I can help create an inviting and comfortable home. in the Plumbing Industry, Honored with the 40 under 40 award (40 professionals under the age of 40 in the US) by Professional Remodeler for bringing innovative best practices to the remodeling industry in 2016. Football – “Go Ducks!” Decorative landscapes that are always changing with the seasons. I understand what it means to be in the midst of building and remodeling projects so completely that I can relate to what my customers are experiencing. GROHE Completing my first whole house order. Really felt the customer put faith in my opinion and knowledge. I want them to get “The Fixture Gallery” experience! Listening and asking lots of questions of the customer to help them find what product will best meet their needs, is a fascinating part of the process. The Eugene Fixture Gallery is a “boutique” size showroom. Coming into this industry not knowing a lot about decorative plumbing I am proud of all the things I have learned and the connections I make in the process. I always make it fun as well. Fleurco I love making an impacting positive difference in the community. I love working for Consolidated Supply Co. and The Fixture Gallery. To know I am assisting someone else find that joy in their own space is why I love this industry. I feel it is important to learn something new every day. I’ve worked for and learned from some of the best companies in the business, both in Los Angeles and in Portland. My knowledge is valuable. In this most recent house, she wanted to add a bathtub to the master bath and the builder was struggling to fit it in the space. High efficiency (1.0 GPF ) Double Cyclone flushing action. Currently studying Interior Design at Bellevue College. Eugene Traveling internationally has been a passion. I enjoy helping them “see” the finished product, and using my knowledge to help them choose the best finishes for their space. Love of animals, especially dogs – we encourage clients to bring their friends in. Having someone show genuine appreciation for something that may seem so small to us really makes it all worthwhile. I also enjoy sports, watching and playing. I pride myself on customer service, from the very first interaction, to the last item being delivered. TOTO MS746124CSMFG#01 Drake Close Coupled Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet 1.6 and 0.8 GPF with CEFIONTECT and Soft Close Seat in Cotton White. My product knowledge is extensive. The Fixture Gallery offers such an appealing environment working with a great team as well as the variety of clients visiting us, helps make coming to work one of my favorite things. Read more. I’m always working on my own home remodel and design projects on my days off. Please contact the showroom directly for availability. Tank cover, fittings, polished chrome trip lever … It is all about the customer and the end result is someone who had complete faith and trust in me for any future endeavors. I love traditional because my personal taste leans more in that direction. Then getting pictures of the finished project. Recently my customer Elizabeth and her husband have just finished the fourth house that we have done together since 1990. Toto Drake Eco Two-Piece High Efficiency Toilet- 1.28... CST744E. Camping, hiking, or taking my dog to the park. Then come in a third time, this time for his daughter’s home. Learn more about TOTO's People Planet Water Certifications & Compliance, Drake® II 1G Two-Piece Toilet, Elongated Bowl, 1.0 GPF, Drake® II 1G Two-Piece Toilet, Elongated Bowl, 1.0 GPF, CEFIONTECT Glaze prevents debris from sticking to ceramic surfaces, making them easier to clean, Computer Designed, Fully Glazed Trapway. Urinals. I strive to be friendly and helpful to make the process of picking out products an enjoyable one. I have always looked forward to going to work every day since day one of my entrance into the plumbing business, and have year-in and year-out been amongst the top sales people at each company. Aquatic Industries English Mastiff, or a hike with my family is an ideal weekend. One day I hope to travel more both throughout the states and internationally. The Toto Drake ii toilet is one of the best power flush toilets that you will ever come across. Newport Brass It also allows me to gain a wider scope of kitchen and bath design. I also love being able to work with such a great group of people who collectively have so much knowledge and experience. I really enjoy meeting new people and helping in the process of creating a new look for their home. We will contact you shortly to confirm your appointment. This new line of toilets uses TOTO’s gravity-based TORNADO technology, offering a balanced and ultra-efficient 1.0 gallons per flush. I enjoy all types in the right application. – I take the time and care with my clients and have the knowledge to give them the best service. My career highlight is that through the vast amount of different experiences in my career I have been able to find my passion in customer service and management. GROHE I strive to make everyone comfortable around me with a warm greeting and a welcoming smile. I love the challenge of finding the perfect products to achieve a look within the desired price range. To deliver personable service in a relaxed atmosphere. Very large and close family, no kids of my own but have helped raise my 2 nieces 3 & 16 both play a big role in my life 🙂, 15 Years of Experience ROHL Some of my favorite songs are from the girl groups of the 50’s and 60’s (Shirelles and Chiffons, anyone?) Read more. I love to travel and spent two weeks in Italy this year. Helping customers, whether they’re just looking or buying, to find the exact style and function they want by using showroom displays, manufacturers’ catalogs, and the web. And to laugh…often! Great Grates Highlights include working on projects that were included in such things as, the magazine, Portrait of Portland, Street of Dreams,and The Tour of Remodeled Homes. Delta Spending time outside. Hearing from the homeowner how much they love their new space. $349.00. I love working with all types of customers, from clients just starting the process for the first time to experienced plumbers, contractors, and designers. I love to read and enjoy dabbling in different types of art, going to the theater, movies, and gardening. Read more. I provide customer service to our customers to create something that they will love in their home. By using our site you agree to using cookies. I would never suggest product that I wouldn’t want myself. I’m a big fan of traveling, near or far. I love working with my clients, customers, and using my knowledge to help them through the process of selecting their products. Wine tasting is a favorite day off activity, or snuggling my furbabies. I want to build great relationships with customers and my coworkers. ... Rounding out our list is the Toto CST454CEFG#01 Drake II 2-Piece Toilet. My hobbies include photography, hiking, and just experiencing the great Northwest. Tank cover, fittings, polished chrome trip lever included. I am energetic and passionate about working and helping people. Traveling has opened my eyes to the diverse culture, architecture and interior design around the world, something I value greatly and use daily in my work. As part of Consolidated Supply Co., we have come a long way in 90 years. From our Toilets selection checkout the Toto Drake 1.0 GPF Elongated Two Piece Toilet CST454CUFG#01 Cotton White. My customer was able to keep on schedule for her big reveal with her family. Cheviot About the Toto CST454CUFG#01. The intimacy of the showroom provides a wonderful environment for working with customers. We definitely sell more plumbing than we do hardware. She is thrilled with the way it turned out. The Drake II 1G bowl and tank set includes a tank to bowl gasket, tank to … We look forward meeting with you soon and showing you everything that Laguna’s Fancy Faucets has to offer! I took time to explore every avenue till we eventually acquired the part that was needed. By doing so I feel I can help make their experience a special one with lots of fun memories and the excitement to experience the complete experience again. The company is exceptional and my co-workers are great to work with 5 days a week. The facility is first class, the staff is knowledgeable and professional, and the overall atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable. in the Plumbing Industry. I do my best to give my clients the best attention to detail that I can, from the first greeting to the last item at the job site. Toilet Seats. The TOTO Drake II 1G Two-Piece Round 1.0 GPF Universal Height Toilet with CeFiONtect is a beautifully designed high profile toilet. TOTO – Washlet® S300e Toilet … I do not limit myself to a “comfort zone”. With the wide selection of style, function and price, selections can be challenging for our customers. Brizo Toilet Area. Working with customers to build and pursue a space in their home that they will love for years to come. 4 combined years in Showroom/Sales Experience. Brizo Brizo After spending 5 years in the staging and interior design industry the highlight of my career has been the transition to becoming a Showroom Consultant for The Fixture Gallery, where I can focus exclusively on kitchens and bathrooms – the most important spaces in modern homes. I love to do projects around the house with my husband, like put up a new backsplash. We provide a showroom and a one-on-one consultation with the customer to help you find the fixtures that best fit your style and budget. That everything we spec complements the other product in the given room and that everything works together. (email required), A group of Interior Designers, Contractors, Architects, and Builders gathered at our stunning Fixture Gallery in Greenwood where we enjoyed …, On Saturday 6/24/2017 we had a local Car Show right in front of our showroom! 2195. One of my goals is to retire early and spend time visiting other culture and exotic locations with my husband and family. Due to my time and experience in lighting, I tend to be drawn towards the technical aspects of plumbing. You really get to know a person through learning their styles and preferences and they are always grateful for your help. Because of limited space, I make the most of it with product that is easy to touch and feel. TOTO – Eco Drake Toilet (1.28 GPF, Elongated Bowl) 2162. Good customer service really pays off. – 26 years of plumbing experience and product knowledge. 1 Year Industry Experience I always strive to deliver more than I promise. I’m an avid reader and have belonged to a book club since before they were fashionable. Toto Drake Round Front Toilet - 1.6 GPF CST743S. I follow the “Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated” and I always try to make The Fixture Gallery experience as enjoyable as possible. I provide a friendly, collaborative design experience through uninterrupted appointments. I pride myself in providing each person with my undivided attention, whether in a busy showroom or after hours in a private showing for a high profile customer. This is because of its high-quality design, excellent finish, and powerful flushing system. I understand how overwhelming the decision-making process can be and I aim to create a relaxing atmosphere so it can be a positive, and even fun, experience. I love the process and my patience through such experiences makes me someone many people can relate to and I to them. Water … ebbe America I also love to dance, be creative, and sing…in the shower. I also love listening to all kinds of music and enjoy movies at the theater or at home. Please fill in your contact information, below, and send us a note. My interior design background enables me to guide my clients through the sometimes overwhelming process of fixture selection in a way that matches their budget and meets their design goals. I believe that good design doesn’t have to be expensive or unattainable, and that everyone deserves to live in a space that brings them peace, that they love coming home to. I’m a firm believer in accuracy, doing things correctly the first time. I hope to use my years of experience and extensive knowledge in the decorative plumbing industry to inform, engage, and ultimately accomplish my customer’s goals. This could be making the homeowner feel comfortable as soon as they walk through our showroom doors, directing a call from a contractor to the correct sales person, or assisting a sales team member needing clerical support. I am always striving to learn as much as I can. Perrin & Rowe I enjoy helping clients create the space of their dreams while staying in line with their budget. Meeting new people and being a part of their project. I love working for CSCO. Customer Service is number one to me which means providing a quality product to many people. Meeting new people every day and helping to solve their fixture related issues is what I enjoy the most. The home remodel process at times can be overwhelming and confusing but that is why we are here. I also help the Sales Associates create Specbooks to send to their buyers to have a visual of their chosen products. Bathroom. My favorite place to be is outside in the sunshine. This includes great communication with all professionals who are involved with the project from the very beginning to job completion. Sending their friends and family to see me is the ultimate compliment. Working with such a talented, supportive team! Looking back on my career highlights, the one I take the most pride in is delivering top notch customer service. Mountain Plumbing I love the great outdoors! I have 5 years of interior design and There is beauty and value in every style of plumbing fixture.

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